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A little fishing for Thanksgiving break.
Rhiannon Mulvena and Julia Whelan with their catch on Sat. Nov.27th. 



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Virginia Recreational Fishing Regulations
Virginia Hunting Regulations


Virginia Boating Safety Education Requirements

          In 2007, the Virginia General Assembly enacted a law establishing requirements for boating safety education.
This requirement will be phased in over several years. The phase in schedule is as follows:

Personal Watercraft (PWC)

PWC, age 20 or younger ~ July 1, 2009
PWC, age 35 or younger ~ July 1, 2010
PWC, age 50 or younger ~ July 1, 2011
PWC, ALL ages by July 1, 2012

Motorboat (MB) 10hp or greater

MB, age 20 or younger ~ July 1, 2011
MB, age 30 or younger ~ July 1, 2012
MB, age 40 or younger ~ July 1, 2013
MB, age 45 or younger ~ July 1, 2014
MB, age 50 or younger ~ July 1, 2015
MB, ALL ages by July 1, 2016

        For more information or to see if a Boating Safety Education class
is located in your area, please visit www.dgif.virginia.gov